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Our Links page carries web links to useful sites that are relevant to the Liverpool Parks Police and to related historical sites in general that you might like to peruse.

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Police Roll of Honour Trust

"The POLICE ROLL OF HONOUR TRUST researches and maintains the National Police Officers Roll of Honour and Remembrance."

"A record of the public service and sacrifice of British police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, since the earliest days of professional law enforcement."

National Association of Retired Police Officers

"NARPO are an organisation representing retired police officers of all ranks and police widows from police forces throughout England and Wales. They offer a range of services to members including advice on pensions and other issues affecting the welfare of their members."

The owners of this (Liverpool Parks Police) website would like to thank NARPO for their help and contributions to the content of this website.

The Liverpool Airport Constabulary

"The Liverpool Parks Police and the Liverpool Airport Police were operationally and historically linked. This article, by John Hutchinson (who served in both forces) provides a short history of policing Liverpool Airport, 1950s to 1990s."

Click here to read the article.

Liverpool History Society

"Local history societies have existed in many of the towns and villages of Lancashire and Merseyside for several years, but until the year 2000, there appeared to be no society in existence that was committed to the study of the history of the City of Liverpool itself.

On 18th February 2001 the Liverpool History Society was born, committed to the appreciation and study of the history of the city and which would complement, rather than compete with the work of existing groups."

Liverpool City Police

"Liverpool City Police was formed in 1836. Over the following one hundred and seventy five years and three name changes, Liverpool City Police, Liverpool and Bootle Constabulary (1967)  and Merseyside Police (1974) the force has gone from strength to strength, being now universally recognised as one of the most efficient, groundbreaking and pioneering Police forces in the United Kingdom, if not the world.

This has not happened by accident as the reputation and distinction of the current force is a consequence of the professionalism and dedication of officers from the past and the present."

Runcorn and District Historical Society

"The Runcorn & District Historical Society was founded in 2000 and maintains a growing collection of documents and photos of the Runcorn area. As at 2009, the society had 120+ members, and meets monthly for talks & events."

Old Liverpool

"Millions of people have passed through, lived, settled and died in Liverpool throughout history. This online collection of Liverpool snippets from old Liverpool newspapers and other sources documents some of that history."

Liverpool and SW Lancs. Family History Society

"The Liverpool & South West Lancashire Family History Society was originally founded as the Liverpool Family History Society in May 1976, and was set up to encourage the study of Family History and Genealogy in the area and to provide a forum for those interested, to meet and help each other."

Cathedral Constables

"Welcome to the Cathedral Constables' website. This site is dedicated to the ecclesiastical constables who safeguard some of our great cathedrals.

We have done so for many centuries and have played a significant, if little known part, in the creation of the modern police service. We do not purport to be police officers, but seek to uphold the history and traditions of the cathedral constables who have gone before."

ParkCops website

"Welcome to the Parkcops Website dedicated to officers everywhere who serve as Parkcops."

Old Mersey Times

"Liverpool and Merseyside's life and times transcribed from old newspapers"

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